342 pages
My main work, a character-driven science-fantasy story involving the secrets of a long-lost civilization and exploring the paranormal side of the universe. Still very early in its story, but it's going to be a long ride.

999 pages
A fever dream of a story driven by surreal humor, but has a surprising amount of coherence for what it is. One of my largest comics to date, borrowing Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff as they get wrapped up in various absurd antics, including a lawsuit from an all-powerful judge, a scuffle with territorial skater bros, and doing odd jobs for reality-warping clowns.

Currently on "hiatus" as I work on a big animation. This status is just a technicality as I am still actively working on it, but it might still be a while. Definitely a lot of pages to read through in the meantime, though.

13 strips

Episodic comics depicting the chaotic mishaps of the titular creature and various subspecies. Entirely comedic.

14 strips

Episodic comics chronicling the bizarre antics of a strange, supremely confident man and the horrors he unleashes upon the world. Also a comedic focus.

577 / 1183 pages ported (PORT IN PROGRESS!)

Ten adlets play a reality-altering computer game, more or less. It's no secret that it borrows this premise and many of its design cues from a certain other comic, but it puts its own spin on things and delves into how the characters grapple with their situation.

It's since been rebooted (talk about nominative predeterminism!) into Synodic Link, where the characters and setting have been reworked into a fully original comic instead of a derivative work. I highly recommend reading that one first, if you haven't yet.

That said, SR still currently stands as my largest comic yet with many years, pages, and flash animations put into it and is still an enjoyable read, if a bit dated. Its legacy status means it's mostly discontinued, but still receives very infrequent updates intended to eventually give it a conclusion of some sort.

158 pages

My first adventure (after Sweet Hella Quest) that actually kinda went somewhere. It was still in its prologue by the time I decided to move on from it, but it still managed to achieve a decent pagecount as my first "serious" adventure, predating Synodic Reboot.

It's about dragons exploring old ruins and ending up (almost) going on an adventure through space. I ended up deciding I wanted to tell this story as a game instead, so if you want to see how that's doing nowadays, go check out the ItchIO page!

19 pages

An experimental comic that was going to combine more formats into one and feature my general OCs, but never really got anywhere. I'll likely do more stories in this universe at some point, though.

32 pages
An experimental story with a slight undercurrent of psychological horror, following a character who's spent their entire life in one abstract room and never questions it since it's all they know. It didn't get very far, but maybe one day I'll revisit it.

11 pages
A brief adventure I made as my very first foray into the format, in which a talikuu does stuff.

...Almost does stuff, that is. It didn't get far enough for any sort of story to be told, but still serves as a fun relic of the past.

Check out the newer Talikuu comics to see more antics with this creature.